Answers to your most asked questions.

Will my shed be cyclone rated and engineered?
Yes. Prior to quoting your shed we will ask you to provide a site address so that your building can be designed to suit the specific site conditions. Surrounding environments such as the Terrain Category, Shielding, Topography, and Importance Levels are all assessed in accordance with AS1170.2 to warrant that the resultant shed components are sized and selected to ensure your shed will stand up to the site wind speed most appropriate for your property location. All structures come with certified engineering showing the parameters used.
What warranties do I get with my shed?

Shed materials are all covered by manufacturer’s warranties.  Our shed steel components are constructed from Australian made Bluescope and Colorbond steel, and the warranty sample for Sheds and Garages can be downloaded from the Bluescope website.

Domestic constructions projects, i.e. if we are building your shed for you, are also covered by the Qld Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Home Warranty Insurance which is mandatory for projects valued at over $3300.  This insurance covers clients in instances where the builder doesn’t finish the job or refuses to address defects, and the insurance is in effect for 6 years from when your shed is built.  Refer to the QBCC website for more information

What is the delivery time for a shed kit?

The average lead time to order, manufacture, consolidate and deliver to site is 4 weeks, depending on the size and design of your shed.

How long does it take for you to build my shed?

For straight forward construction projects, we recommend to allow 6-8 weeks.  This is generally made up of 2 weeks to get contracts and Development Approvals in place, 4 weeks for lead time to manufacture and deliver kit and (depending on size) another 2 weeks to erect and finalise your shed.  The concrete slab can be done while the kit is being manufactured.

If your project has some non-standard aspects e.g. custom engineering, building over sewer, siting relaxation, then the preliminary documentation can take a little longer than the 2 weeks allowed.   Some suppliers may elect to put your kit into manufacture prior to the Development Approvals being in place, however this is at your own risk and so we do not do this except for under very limited circumstances.

Are the payment terms in accordance with QLD legislation?

Payment terms differ slightly for a full building project and a kit only purchase.

For building projects, staged progress payments are governed by the Qld Building and Construction Commission Act.  The law aims to provide protection for consumers against builders who demand large up front sums for work before it is completed, and so avoid the situation where clients have paid most of the contract price and can potentially be left with nothing to show for it.  Don’t get caught out or risk your Home Warranty Insurance – read more about what you should be paying here….. (go to content from Staged Payments – Don’t Get Caught Out)

If you are purchasing a kit only, this is not a building service, rather it is a retail interaction (like going to Bunnings), and we will ask for a 10% deposit, with the balance payable 5-7 days prior to the delivery of the kit on site.  On receiving the deposit we will arrange for the engineering to be sent to you (allow 2-3 days) for submission with your Development Approval, and once you authorise us to move into production we will require 3-4 weeks to order, manufacture, consolidate and delivery the kit to your site.

Is the shed vermin resistant?

While a shed cannot be made totally vermin proof (think cockroaches, ants, lizards) there are systems that can be used to make your shed vermin resistant to larger vermin such as toads, mice and rats.  At Shedquarters we prefer to incorporate an edge rebate to the perimeter of the concrete slab to form a barrier under the wall sheeting profile. This system has the advantages of no sharp edges and being easy to mow and trim around, as well as having a lifespan equal to your concrete slab.

However we also recognise that it is YOUR shed and we are happy to supply any other system if you have another preference.  We also note that shed suppliers may (understandably) try and promote their preferred method, but that this can result in either the presentation of uneducated views or at its worst, scaremongering and purposeful misinformation to win a sale.  Read more about the facts so you can make the best decision for your shed……(go to content from Vermin Proofing – The Facts)

What colours are available?

Along with the zincalume sheeting, we also have the full range of Colorbond colours to choose from.

To choose a Colorbond colour please use this link.